Thursday’s Snapshot

My Current Reads on the Market, Investing and Trends

  • ​​​Trucking Industry Seen Benefiting from Tesla Factor…(SeekingAlpha)
  • Comcast -6.3%, Warning of Heavy Video Subscriber Decline…(Marketwatch)
  • How Stocks Took Over Asset Allocation…(WealthofCommonSense)
  • 30-Year Mortgage Rate Hits 2017 Low, Freddie Mac Says…(SeekingAlpha)
  • They’re Coming For Your 401(k)…Be the Owner not The Worker…(ReformedBroker)
  • Bitcoin’s Price hit $5,000 Last Week. It’s Still a Bad Investment…(LATimes)
  • 3 Simple Steps to Weather The Next Market Drop…(RealClear)

Big Oil: Another Bear Argument Bites The Dust