Tuesday’s Snapshot

My Current Reads on the Market, Investing and Trends

  • Fear Returns as Market’s Typically Worst Month Starts…(CnnMoney)
  • Irma Tops Storm Scales as Florida Preps for Catastrophic System…(Bloomberg)
  • Amazon is Out to Conquer More Than Kale…(Bloomberg)
  • Apple’s $1000 Price Tag for an iPhone Should Come With Free Stuff, Analyst Suggests…(MarketWatch)
  • Emotional Stress is Contagious…(ReformedBroker) 
  • Hurricane Harvey Won’t Create Jobs, It Will Divert Them…(RealClear)
  • 36 Obvious Investment Truths…(WealthOfCommonSense)

Nadal, Federer Struggle Toward 1st U.S. Open Matchup